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From the desk of
Stephen Mirsky

Hello there,
This is Stephen Mirsky speaking.

Many times a day I am asked
"How Are You?"

When someone asks me "How Are You?"
I like to answer them like this:
Iím having the greatest day of my life.
I rescue people from desperate lives.

When they ask HOW?
I give them my elevator speech.(right column)

When You become a part of my team,
You can use "My Elevator Speech".(right column)
Change it to suit Your business needs.

The Button That I Wear

I use the elevator speech when
someone asks about the button that I wear.
My Button: - a Light Bulb holding some money

Do You need
Home Business TAX Information?


Your taxes are costing you, in most cases, more than your
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Car payments
  • Health Care Costs
  • Meals & Groceries

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Many Stories to Tell

When You become a member,
You can use the many stories that are in the Members Only site.
Be sure to read "Story about Network Marketing" on the right side. >>>>

It says that "in Network Marketing youíre in business for Yourself,
but not by Yourself.

Join the Team Today!

We are a team of people working together in
a community of achievers to help everyone win.

We train our Team to Point, Guide, Direct
  • Point them towards the Service Website:
  • Guide - Use the List. (It's in the "Members Site")
  • Direct them to the next thing on the List
Share the vision - Come Join Us Today.

We will do this together.

We Sell the Services of CCM*
   Our Goal is to Save People Money
   on Every Day Services.

This is Our Marketing Tool that we use.
Our Team is marketing the Services of CCM*.

Which some of the Services are:
  • Utitlity's - Natural Gas Service & Commercial Electric Service
  • VoIP - Digital Phone Service
  • Home Security Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Wireless Cell Phone Shop
  • Internet/TV/Phone Bundles
  • Local/Long Distance Calling
  • Satellite Television
If CCM* asks for a Broker Name use: mirsky

You can Save Money
with CCM* at:

You will see the logo of
Label:MyUtilityBrokers Goto: Click Here to Buy Services Here
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Go to the Bottom left and
USE the Services Calculator
to see what you would SAVE with CCM*

You can Become a
Team Member with CCM* at

You will see the logo of
Label:CCM Goto: Click_Here_to_Become_Part of the Team.
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Go Into Your Own Business and Help People to Save Money.

See Below for some of the Services CCM* has to offer.

Bye for now,
Stephen Mirsky - Team Leader

Become a Team Member @ Consumer Choice Marketing  Today.

*CCM = Consumer Choice Marketing
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One of the Services from CCM* that I recommend.
LifeLock - ID Theft Protection - Take Control of Your Identity.
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Take Control of Your Identity.
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Our Goal Is Simply
to Save
People Money on
Everyday Services.
As a result of the
deregulation of the
Gas & Electric
by turning a
household expense
into an income.
Our Team also
provides Services
that we use
Every Day like:
Cable TV
ID Theft
Home Phone
and many more.

My Elevator Speech.

I am the Leader
of a team of
Men and Women
by turning a
household expense
into an income.
This is done
because of the
deregulation of the
Gas & Electric

Story about
Network Marketing

I met a young man
and he decided to
get involved in
Network Marketing.
Ladies & gentlemen,
I want you to think
about your goals
and think about
your dreams
and let me share
something with you.
How many of you
know that there is
no job security.
Well keep in mind
that this young man
became in
Network Marketing.
I asked him
what is his story?
He said he went to
apply for a job.
They told him that if
he would double
the production,
he could become the
top manager
at this company.
And would have
job security
and he would be
able to get a bonus.
Not only did
he double (2x)
the production,
he quadrupled (4x)
the production.
Guess what they did
as a result of
the explosion
in the business
that they were
able to acquire.
They had to move
to another facility.
And they fired him.
They said because
of the new facility,
they had to pay
more money
for the lease on
the facility and they
could not afford his
services anymore.
Now here is where
the truth is.
They figured out
how to do what
it is that he did.
They no longer
needed him.
So the reason that
he became part of
Network Marketing
is that he knows the
40/40 plan
is gone
where you can work
40 hours a week for
40 years and retire.
There is
no such thing as
job security.
you have to have
something that you
can call your own.
So in
Network Marketing
youíre in business
for yourself,
but not by yourself
You have an opportunity,
you have a shot,
everyone will not
get rich
but you got a shot
to control your
own financial future.
And that story by
that young man is a
story that is being
lived everyday.

More Stories
that You can use
are inside the
Members Only